Making Your Healthy Eating Plan Work

“Laborers Wanted!  Chesapeake & Ohio Canal Company Seek 500 men.  Wages.  Room/Board.  Meat Three Times a Day.  Plenty of Bread and Vegetables.  Reasonable Allowance of Whiskey.  $8-$12 per month!”

Sound interesting?  It was.

The year was 1826 in the United States of America. The C&O Canal, a major transportation system in the United States for nearly 100 years, was soon to be born.  It was this advertisement that brought workers (from both the United States and Europe) to make it all happen

Novels have been written about the history and construction of the C&O Canal, but here’s a quickie:  As a young man in 1750s, George Washington envisioned the C&O canal as a major transportation system for the new country.  It took over 75 years to turn his dream into a working plan. Continuous setbacks of every kind slowed the work to a snail’s pace.  Every five years added only 100 miles to the C&O Canal. It was finally finished (after abandoning plans for it to reach much further) in 1850 and changed the way America travelled and transported goods for nearly 100 years.

Did you know you have a C&O too?  Yes, you do — because C&O also stands for Challenges & Overcoming them.  A big dream leads to a working plan, which leads to intense labor, which leads to a dream fulfilled.

C&O.  Define your challenge, your particular obstacle right now to making your healthy eating plan work.  Define how you’ll overcome it. … and keep digging.  You’re C&O is going to take you wherever you need to go.


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